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Since the very founding of FOTON LUX Many young professionals have placed a vital part of their career ambitions into our hands .In this collection, our founder, Santiago Barco showcases over two years of work portraying the faces of tomorrow's leaders.

With the collaboration of this inspiring personalities we have gained a substantial foothold in the corporate photography industry in Switzerland and elsewhere.  We are always wanting to learn more and get ever better results, let's work together! fees are custom-made according to what you need


At Foton Lux we understand that the growth of a company is also defined in its visual strategy, which is a letter of introduction to clients and which is why we offer corporate photography sessions.With corporate photography, we support our clients in the development of content so that they can carry out their internal and external communications with greater success

With this type of photography we portray natural moments, in the workplace or informally posed. We show the facilities of our clients, workplaces and the staff that make up the professional team to bring the company closer to the client by making their identity visible.

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