Santiago is a Colombian entrepreneur and photographer who is equally passionate about images as he is about business. In 2019 he founded FOTON LUX in St. Gallen, Switzerland after completing his undergraduate degree there.
FOTON LUX came from a longtime desire to create meaningful visual content and stories in a world that is increasingly oversaturated with fleeting snapshots and superficial advertisements.
While Santiago grew up in Bogotá and later on in Cali, from an early age he has felt bound to travel the world. In just the past three years, he has visited over 25 countries, always with his camera and an insatiable lust for beauty at hand. 
The collection of images he began to create became the center of his life and the reason for directing and contributing to FOTON LUX. He has discovered one of his true callings: to tell stories and to try to give back some of the beauty that our world offers us. photography
Aside from still images, what fascinates Santiago the most is flying, the ocean and cinematography.