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By Santiago Barco Riviere

BionicMan is a comic book character created and impersonated by Michel Fornasier with whom we have collaborated over the past few years. The adventures of BionicMan follow the life of an unlikely superhero who lacks one hand but has plenty of courage and kindness to spare.
Michel was also born without a hand. After a long and successful career in banking, he woke up one morning and decided he would hide his disability no longer and instead dedicate his life to campaigning for a bully-free school system in Switzerland and beyond. photographystudio
He has successfully spread pro-inclusion and disability awareness through sales of his comic book, speaking at events, as well as with an upcoming feature length Netflix film about BionicMan.

Michel and his amazing energy filled each and every shot taken in our studio with the very kindness and beauty that shows in his work. It was our honor to photograph him and be involved with Michel's important cause.

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